Built Well™ for Birth | Foundations Course [Trimester 2,3](Online)

$330.00 USD


Recommended for Women in their Second Trimester.

  • Gain Access to an Exercise Library Containing 30+ video
  • Foundation Course Intro: Program Overview
  • Safety Cues: Universal Safety Cues Videos
  • Trimester 2: 3 Full-body workout videos for Second Trimester Mom's
  • Trimester 3: 3 Full-body workout videos for Third Trimester Mom's
  • Push Practice: Delivery Prep Videos 
  • Posture Correction: Carry Yourself Effectively During Pregnancy 
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety: Dr. Carolle's 4 Ways to Overcome Acute Stress & Anxiety for Optimum Pregnancy Online Course
  • Are you in your First Trimester? If you are early in your first timester, we suggest this program containing workouts for trimester 1, 2 & 3 through birth.- Foundations [Trimester 1,2,3] 
  • Are you already in your Third Trimester? Try this version of our course containing only the specific workouts for Trimester 3 through birth. - Foundations [Trimester 3]

"I gained more knowledge and confidence from Andrew than the hospital-provided childbirth prep classes. I would definitely recommend him and his class." - Megan C. 

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