Are you a fitness instructor, doula, or medical professional wanting to better serve your pregnant clients?

This course is for you.

A one day medically backed course focused on natural principles in movement, strength training, and labor/delivery preparation for expecting mothers. These unique principles prepare our Built Well™ Coaches to pioneer the pregnancy health field. 

Built Well™ for Birth Master Coaches

These individuals have taken our Built Well™ for Birth Coaching Certification course, completed additional hours of pre/postnatal training, and have shown exemplary skill to fulfill our Built Well™ core values, all the while offering their own unique talents to the pregnancy community. Please reach out to them for training options and availability.

Ashley Brook

Dr. Andrea Martinez

Karen Pugh

Jessica Derrick

Daniel Runkel

Laura Rogers
San Diego

Dr. Dolores Phin

Lauren Gilmore

Jennifer Rochon



Sam Hagen



Dr. Demetra Mydlo

Jenn Richardson
San Diego 

Jean-Marc Gerbelot


We at Built Well™ for Birth have been changing the narrative on pregnancy fitness and outcomes since 2019.

Our story is as unique as our training methods. A young fitness entrepreneur, and an internationally renowned OBGYN combine to fill the void in the pregnancy health field.

We provide a one stop shop for all women to learn about the continuous changes happening, physically and mentally. Every mother’s pregnancy experience is different and we make sure our training caters to all women.

We're the Built Well™ Team and continued mission is to support mothers with the pregnancy health program they deserve, prenatal-postpartum. One that is, well thought out, safe, accessible, and filled with movements designed to make pregnant women feel good! Our mission is to help mothers understand their bodies and build confidence in their pregnancy for a stronger foundation for the future. The stronger the mom, the stronger the family.

AFAA Approved Provider


Built Well™ For Birth is recognized by the Athletics and Fitness Association of America as an Approved Continuing Education Provider.

NASM Approved Provider


Built Well™ For Birth is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as an Approved Continuing Education Provider.

"So glad I attended this training. Andrew and I are both in the WeckMethod lineage. His constellated knowledge of innately intelligent movement and now niche expertise of birthing women is the best in the world, I truly believe. I admire and respect his work so much and feel more inspired than ever to work with mommas. If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you have to check out @BuiltWellforBirth

Jenn Richardson
(Certified Built Well for BirthPre-Postnatal Health Coach)

"Attention fitness and yoga friends! This Coaching Course is a MUST if you have or plan to take on pregnant clients. Andrew is a master at this and you'll be lucky to work with him and his team @BuiltWellforBirth"

Shelby T.