Built Well™ for Birth | Nutrition Guide

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Join us as we sit down with Pre-Postnatal Nutrition Specialist, Francesca Orlando, MS, NTP, CGP, BCHN, and ask her all the hot topic questions involving your health and the development of your growing baby! From dietary changes per trimester, to mediating pregnancy cravings, to gestational diabetes, we explore it all. This is incredible information to share with the whole family.

Have the pregnancy waddle? Looking for back pain relief? Afraid of delivery day? Only have 10 minutes here and there? This program is for you.

We are not the average pregnancy fitness course. In this program, you'll have a greater understanding of your core's functions, learn about efficient walking patterns, and be coached through our Delivery prep "Push Practice" for a healthy and less stressful delivery.

13 minutes in active delivery and it only took me 4 pushes. The nurses and doctors were amazed.

"They described my birthing experience as in the top 1%." - Kristina D.

"This program truly is the best one of its kind on the market."

- Morgan B. 

Wondering if this program is right for you?

What's so different about Built Well for Birth?

We offer unique pelvic floor exercises, an alternative to Kegel. This program is open to all levels and all fitness backgrounds.

Does this only help with delivery/prenatal?

Nope! At BWFB we focus on the WHOLE you-- meaning that we support and provide educational material for all stages of pregnancy, as well as postpartum. Be confident that our postpartum plan will guide you through progressions back to a stronger you, with a better foundation.

What is Built Well for Birth's Goal?

Our team of Built Well for Birth coaches and doctors have combined the best of fitness and medical principles. Our goal is for mothers to be stronger, move and breathe better, walk with more efficiency, prepare for labor and delivery, and for mothers to be confident with less stress in the postpartum experience.

Do you only provide physical training and support?

No! In addition to our physical wellness programs, we have included an educational piece created by our partner Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, MD, FACOG a board-certified OB-GYN, and fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, "Understanding the Mind, Body, Soul Connection for Optimal Pregnancy". She has combined her four decades of international experience, to address these essential components, root causes for common emotions, and positive responses to find results you desire. An optimal health and pregnancy experience.

Do I have to utilize the entire program for it to be effective?

We encourage mothers to utilize all facets of the program to ensure a well-rounded and strong approach to delivery and your postpartum journey. That being said, we have had incredible results from mothers who have just utilized the Push Practice a few days before their delivery and have had great success from that alone.

Lauren's Success Story

This was my first pregnancy, so there was so much to learn! As someone who exercised regularly, I was very concerned about how I could adjust my workouts now that I was pregnant. Andrew’s classes were exactly what I was looking for because they were tailored to me.

I recommend Andrew’s classes to all soon-to-be-mamas. I felt very prepared going to the hospital and confident using my breathing and Push Practice strategies. Every woman should be able to celebrate what their bodies can do and should go into labor feeling that peace and confidence. Thank you to Andrew and the Built WellTM for Birth team!

- Lauren M.

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