From first time moms, to experienced health professionals, this program has redefined pregnancy health and delivery preparation.

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13 minutes in active delivery and it only took me 4 pushes. The nurses and doctors were amazed.

"They described my birthing experience as in the top 1%." Kristina D.

"Approximately a 25 minute delivery! Thank you so much Andrew, we are doing great!"

- Yael N.

"I love being able to do this and work out with Andrew! He's an amazing instructor. I feel so prepared for my baby girl already!"

- Liz P.

"Baby and I are doing great! I only pushed for 12 minutes! Thank you so much!"

- Madi S.

Reviews from our coaches

Jess D. (Certified Built Well™ for Birth Coach)

"I love the continued education and training we receive. Especially from some of the most knowledgeable in the industry."

Morgan B. (Certified Built Well™ for Birth Coach)

"I have officially been through the certification to become a Built Well™ for Birth coach! I went through this program when I was pregnant and postpartum, and I'm so excited to join this team to help more mommas be fit physically, mentally, and spiritually, during this exciting season of life."

Jason P. (Certified Built Well™ for Birth Coach)

"I would definitely refer this certification course to friends and colleagues. The training methods fit in perfectly with my clients here at the gym, those pregnant and even not pregnant."

Ashley B. (Certified Built Well™ for Birth Coach)

"It's so helpful to have guidance in your movement especially as a trainer and especially while pregnant. Something I find very helpful is the Push Education. Our bodies are capable of a healthy labor and delivery through training. The Push Practice method is something you will only learn through this program."

Sam H. (Certified Built Well™ for Birth Coach)

"Being a coach and working with pre and postnatal clients, I found Built WellTM for Birth's course to be vital and necessary. What Andrew is doing is completely novel and unique to the field with his system. After finishing this course, I feel more confident with how to program for each trimester while keeping it fun and safe. Built WellTM for Birth takes a holistic approach, addressing training and breathing protocols from a scientific backing. Parents are ready to go, feeling strong and confident when their delivery day arrives. I love how this program dives into breathing techniques and how the "Push Practice" ties in gait and biomechanics, tools to take with you for the rest of your life."

Spencer Sled

This course is a complete game changer for families around the world. Revolutionizing the current main stream thought on how to train and prepare a woman’s body through pregnancy.

Coach Andrew blew my mind on how most women go through an tougher than necessary process. He educated us on how there are more efficient and effective anatomical positions to give birth, how to train a pregnant woman through the different trimesters, and how to effectively “push” when it comes time to reduce the labor process.

Built Well for Birth is on a mission to empower women and families throughout the entire pregnancy, before during and after. I myself feel empowered to be educated and know what to expect to help my wife when God blesses us with an addition to our family. 🤰

If you are a pregnant woman, soon to be pregnant, or a person looking to help pregnant women, I highly recommend the Built Well for Birth program!

With Pregnant Women being under represented in the fitness industry, I cannot wait to implement the tools I've learned at Built Well™ For Birth with my clients.

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Chrissy P.

"I only had to push 10 times and he was out safely in under 45 minutes!"

Berenice G.

"4 minute delivery Andrew! Doctor even had to tell me to stop laughing cause he was coming out so quickly. They could not believe how fast it was."

Brae C.

"This man and this program are game changers. All mommas out there should check them out."

I can't wait to implement the Built Well™ For Birth Program with my patients who are pregnant or new mothers.

Reviews From Happy Moms!

Emilee L.

"Such good training! I am more mindful of my walking and hip posture! There will be no waddling over here! Thank you again Andrew!"

Morgan B.

"This program really is the best one on the market."

Judith K.

"All the doctor's responses to lower back pain was 1) Get a pregnancy pillow. 2) Get a waist band, 3) Take pain meds. Just two sessions of your workouts and the pain is gone. This info should be pre-req for professionals".

Stefanie D.

"Hi! We delivered our baby girl today and I only pushed for 20 mins total!
The nurse was in shock. She actually had me pause because doctors weren't in yet. They asked where I learned to push and I told them about your program. I know I only took one session but I attribute my quick push time to what I learned from you. Thank you so much!"

Baby #2 With Built Well™ For Birth

"Hi Andrew! We are doing awesome, such a wonderful labor! My active labor was 7 minutes haha! I only pushed 2 times and Renata was out!"

Margot O.
(Baby #2 w/ BWFB)

We did it!!! The Push Practice was very very helpful. I pushed for 20 minutes!"

Jess B.
(Baby #2 w/ BWFB)

"No shots, no stitches, just breathing and Push Practice!"

Raquel R.
(Baby #2 w/ BWFB)

The community that we have connected with through Built Well™ For Birth is inspiring.

Built Well™ Birth Stories

- Morgan B. (Baby #2 w/ BWFB)

"Andrew and this program are no joke. I had way less time/energy to exercise this pregnancy with a toddler running around, but implementing basic practices into everyday tasks/ preparing for birth with the Labor Flow and Push Practice really set me up for an extremely positive birth experience. I cannot say enough good things. I initially jumped on an exercise ball through most of the contractions until the end when I got on hands and knees.The end was hard, butI kept my knees in to keep my low pelvis open, I pushed hard 3-4 times, and he was here. I had no tears, no stitches, and they all praised me on how well I did."

- Miranda P.

"Just wanted to let you know I had my little boy! After 19hrs of labor when it came time to push,I pushed him out in 4 minutes!My midwife could not believe it for a first time mom. She said in 20 years of practice, no one would believe that! I told her about the course and the techniques I've learned through you and she used it on a mom the next day and prevented a C-section due to fetal positioning. The mom was able to push the baby out in 30 minutes using the Push Practice techniques and Labor Flow.

- Lauren M.

"This was my first pregnancy, so there was so much to learn! As someone who exercised regularly, I was very concerned about how I could adjust my workouts now that I was pregnant. Andrew’s classes were exactly what I was looking for because they were tailored to me. I loved working with Andrew because I learned so much about what my body can do and how to best prepare for giving birth. Not only did I get a great workout in, but I also learned and practiced so many exercises that were applicable in my daily life, especially now as a new mama. From learning how to properly get up from the ground to practicing how to walk when holding your child, Andrew went through it all with such knowledge, care, and expertise. Andrew spends a lot of time on Push Practice and breathing exercises for when you are in labor. Learning how to breathe correctly was critical to my labor process. Also, Andrew provided us with so many different labor positions to practice. When I went into labor, I knew what positions I wanted to try, and they actually ended up being uncomfortable for me. Thank goodness Andrew had me practice so many positions, and I quickly tried another that ended up being much more comfortable. I recommend Andrew’s classes to all soon-to-be-mamas. I felt very prepared going to the hospital and confident using my breathing and Push Practice strategies. Every woman should be able to celebrate what their bodies can do and should go into labor feeling that peace and confidence. Thank you to Andrew and the Built WellTM for Birth team!"

- Jenny S.

“I wish I had met Andrew earlier in my pregnancy, I met him when I was eight months pregnant and in such a short time I learned so much. His push practice method helped me stay calm and stay focused on my breathing when it came to contractions. His push practice methods set me up for success. I took control of my mind and body during the contractions. Instead of clinching up and fighting the pain, I focused on my breathing and techniques that were taught during training. The nurses at the hospital were very impressed on how well I was handling the pain.  I had an emergency Caesarean section so I wasn’t able to used what I was taught while delivering. If I had my baby vaginally, I’m sure it would’ve been a fast delivery!”

- Monica P.

"Andrew teaches from an ancestral approach. Reminding our bodies of movements we have forgotten as humans. I am growing stronger every session and feel aligned, confident, and coordinated. My history includes multiple injuries that have caused stagnant pain for years. Andrew continually learns about my capabilities and improves my mobility in every exercise. I feel safe and confident that I am healing when he trains me. I have learned so much working with Andrew and changed my lifestyle with the tools he taught me. I have been able to practice movements at home that prevent me from causing more injury. My body has improved dramatically and I am in less to no pain training now. I definitely recommend him as a coach. My only regret is not meeting him sooner!"

- Megan C.

"Andrew is a wonderful coach. He is knowledgeable, supportive, kind, and patient. He helps explain what he's doing as he's showing what to do, which really helped me understand what it is I'm working on. I really enjoyed my time working with him and learning not only different breathing and mobility techniques but also labor flow practice. These all help me feel more confident going into my labor and delivery. I gained more knowledge and confidence from him than the hospital-provided childbirth prep classes. I would definitely recommend him and his class."

-Kristina D, (39 Years old)

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Built WellFor Birth (BWFB) program. Navigating through the confusing rules of working out during pregnancy is difficult. This program demonstrated ways to work out and overcome some pregnancy symptoms like sciatica that I will continue to practice. BWFB encouraged me to truly understand the phases of childbirth and learn how to connect the training with my brain and my body for the big day. BWFB assisted me in gaining the understanding on how to be proactive during childbirth, therefore easing my anxiety and worries about the childbirth process. Upon arrival to the hospital, I was able to walk in focused with my training and game plan in the forefront; I was ready. I flew through the birthing phases and once it was time to start pushing, it was only 13 minutes and 4 pushes later and my baby girl was here! After the shock wore off, I was so impressed with myself and how I was able to focus and utilize what I had learned with Andrew during the Built Well™ for Birth Training. Andrew is an amazing trainer and made me feel confident and ready to rock the delivery as I neared my due date. I would highly recommend this program to any woman, so that she can feel empowered through strength and knowledge that she too will be Built Well™ For Birth!"

 - Elizabeth P.

"Where do I even begin! Working out with Andrew for the Built Well™ For Birth classes has prepared me more than I could ever imagine. Andrew has helped me to become strong, fit and prepared for birth. The breathing techniques make me feel so ready and are so much better than the breathing techniques taught in birthing classes. Andrew is such a great teacher and makes me feel extremely motivated. Even on the days I am struggling with nausea he makes going to class so much fun and worth working through it. I am so excited to give birth and use the techniques and tricks I have learned. I recommend taking this class to every
person I know who is pregnant!"

 - Kim G. 

"My name is Kimberly Gamboa, and I was blessed to work with Andrew and Built Well™ For Birth for my two pregnancies with my baby girls. My first baby girl was born in August 2020 and like any first-time mom I found myself extremely worried and nervous about how my labor would be. I was filled with fear wondering if I would know what to do and especially if I would be able to handle the pain. I remember having many conversations with my husband Michael expressing my concerns and then it’s like God answered my prayers by sending us Andrew and Built Well™ For Birth. The first thing he did was customize a plan for me and he asked me what some problem areas in my body were so that we could strengthen them. Because it was in the middle of the COVID pandemic we had to utilize the resources available, and we were able to schedule multiple facetime sessions, where we went through various exercises, and he explained how each of
the things he was showing me would help build my strength for my pregnancy, labor and for post-partum as well. We also worked on the proper form when simply just walking, which made a huge difference in how I felt in my day-to-day life, especially because carrying a child was super strenuous on my body physically. Another thing that stuck out to me personally was push practice. Like I mentioned before, I had an extreme amount of fear and anxiety of going into labor with no clue what to expect and push practice was my saving grace. Before we ended each session, Andrew always asked me if there was anything I wanted to work on before we were done, and I always said push practice. Knowing that I would know what to do when the time came to have my baby eased that fear and anxiety of going into labor that consumed me. I truly believe that alone is a huge relief for first time mothers. When I eventually went in labor 3 weeks early with my first born, I can honestly say I never felt panicked or scared. Andrew coached me that when mothers first go into labor that first initial reaction of either fear/anxiety or vis versa, feeling confident, can affect our mind and how we feel as our body prepares to birth our babies. I remembered that when my water broke and I can honestly say I was not fearful, I was excited to meet my baby and I was able to enjoy the process of my contractions starting, the ride to the hospital, all the little memorable things that I can look back on and tell my daughter one day. All of that was possible because I was not fearful because I spent months preparing my mind and body for this moment. I labored for about 10 hours before I was ready to start pushing and again, I felt so good that I knew what to do. When it was finally time to push, the nurse told me to hold my breath and push
for 10 seconds. Exactly what Andrew said they would tell me is what happened. But I remembered what Andrew had told me, never hold your breath and put all that pressure on the head, instead breathe outward slowly and use the core and pelvis to push outward. I ignored the nurse and did what I knew. Luckily, my husband always sat with me during my sessions with Andrew, so he was able to coach me through pushing and breathing properly and we got the baby to crown just the two of us working together for about 30 minutes. The nurse came in to check on us and was telling us to stop because the doctor was not ready for us yet. Can you imagine that? Minutes later our beautiful, healthy baby girl was born. After 2 nights in the hospital, we were released to go home, and I began to recover with my beautiful healthy family I didn’t even give Andrew a chance to start coaching me through the post-partum part of our sessions because we wanted a 2 nd  baby right away, so 2 months after my first daughter was born, we were expecting once again. The process was a lot like the first. COVID was still very active, so we used facetime to communicate. Thankfully we were able to get a session in person, obviously following the safety protocols in place at the time. One thing that stood out to me was that every time I had a question about something, Andrew would always go above and beyond to clarify for me. He explained everything to me in such a great depth, so that I could understand why we were doing a particular exercise and how it was going to benefit me throughout my pregnancy as my body changes. I felt confident and excited to go through this process again because I was educated and informed. Again, my favorite thing to focus on was push practice, so we constantly worked on it, and I always made sure to do my homework and do my pelvic floor exercise. When I walked into the hospital at 39 weeks, I was 7cm dilated and walking around like a champ. My water broke shortly after, and I was ready to start pushing within the hour. This time the nurses and doctor were ready because I had walked in my room 7cm dilated, they knew my body was getting ready to have this baby very soon. The incredible part is that I pushed 4 times and my daughter was out. I knew exactly what to do and I was able to safely deliver her in under a minute from the time I started to push. My doctor congratulated me on having such a beautiful birth and the aura in the room was truly so calm and peaceful. I think a lot of times, moms focus on the physical aspect of birth but the mental part of it has such a big impact on us too. Why does labor have to be scary? What I learned from Andrew is that it doesn’t and shouldn’t be and that when you prepare yourself physically it helps you mentally. I will forever be grateful to Andrew and Built Well™ For Birth for giving me the tools to be able to deliver my children safely into this world".

- Laura R. (Built Well™ Certified Coach)

"I just finished my Built Well™ For Birth certification with Coach Andrew Martinez and I have nothing but great things to say about his coaching and the material. This certification is incredibly complex, thorough, and comprehensive but Andrew also makes it really approachable. The fitness industry is just beginning to recognize the value of training women, especially pregnant and postpartum woman. I feel so fortunate to be learning from the best so that I can best train each and every client at any stage of life. Pregnancy is such a huge stage for many women. It’s so important for pregnant women to be able to prioritize their health, understand the birthing process, and feel strong built well™ for birth provides just the foundation you need on how to coach women through this stage. I would 100% recommend this certification to other trainers it is hands-on, extensive, and accessible."

- Jaylen F.

"Just letting you know that our son arrived last week Tuesday, 9:30am. I began laboring around 8pm the night before and my midwife and nurses were impressed with how fast he progressed. They expected me to labor an entire extra day.The Push Practice was extremely helpful when contractions started feeling out of control and helped me direct/focus my energy.I really utilized pushing my feet through the floor, being in a seated/squat position and dug into my lats pretty hardcore. I highly recommend Andrew and his program for women looking for direction and preparation on their labor journey."

- Tara C. 

"Andrew, thank you so much for all of your advice and work with me.I truly feel that I was so much more prepared for birth and everything leading into it!I was shocked when the nurses kept asking me to curl up to push! No mam, not for me! When the doctor finally got to the room, 20 minutes of controlled pushing and the baby was out."

6 mins in active labor!

“Thought I’d let you know I had my sweet baby girl yesterday at home and it was by far my easiest of all of my births. I had a 12 hour labor. At 8:30 pm is when I knew in my heart I was entering into early and real not practice labor after an amazing chiro adjustment. I was able to sleep from 10:30 pm-2:30 am solid through moderate contractions. At 2:30 they had grown too intense to sleep through. So I got into a warm bath washed my hair and braided it, gave myself an at home facial watched a little project runway and got out around 4:00 am. At that point I could no longer go back to sleep although I did lay down from 4:00-5:00 am. I did some dishes and advised my husband to start getting out children to wake and get ready for school early as things were picking up. I went from being able to talk through contractions to having to really breathe and focus on them. I used those twisting body movement and had my husband also help support my back as her position was not ideal yet and so that rhombus of michaelus was visible and pushing against that helped tremendously.

By about 7:00 am I was only 2-3 cm dialated but my midwife said it was peeling like an onion so I was ready to move outside and my husband took the kiddos to school quickly. I began my trek to the hot tub which was up several flights of stairs outside of our house. I’d stop every 15 steps or so to contract on all 4s my doula supporting my back. Walking up stairs was no easy feat but I truly believe it helped dialate me fully. My husband returned by about 7:45 as I was getting into the hot tub. It was like the best epidural . Took my intensity from a 10 to a dull 4. He got in and supported me. I was a bit flighty the first few contractions and my midwife came over and said don’t run from this run towards it and just fully enjoy this moment and connect with your baby. Once she said that i welcomed each contraction. I floated and almost danced in the water twisting with her movements as she wiggled lower with each surge.

My husband supported my body and he said he could feel the baby moving down my body. I felt the urge to push around 8:00 am. and asked my midwife if it was ok to push or if she needed to check me. She told me if my body is telling me to push then it means I’m ready and didn’t need her to check. I floated weightless and rested my legs on my midwives legs while my husband supported the back of my body. I intentionally pushed for less than 10 minutes maybe more like 6. I had 3 pushes left and I stopped and God gave me a break long enough to pray. I prayed aloud and said amen and pushed once and felt ring of fire, caught my breathe pushed it out like a horse through my mouth waited for the next contraction and deep slow breath push and her head emerged. She had 1 nuecal cord my midwife helped remove and once she removed it I pushed again with ease and my baby floated into my arms safely. She didn’t need any suction, she cried right away and began to nurse within the first minute of her life

It was a magical experience. I definitely used several of your methods for my very first unplanned home water birth. I’ve tried water births before but I could not get into good positions but our hot tub is deep and oversized so I could swim and get fully emerged. It was the best moment of my life that I will relive over and over in my dreams. The mist and fog laid quietly like a warm protective blanket on our Texas mountains and she was born at 8:23 am as the song Mended by Matthew West played and the birds chirped loudly.”